D riftwood Fishing Charters Crew
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There is a very skilled and experienced full time crew which consists of a Captain named Marcelo and first mate Doddy who have been working for the driftwood charters for a couple of years already. Driftwood owner Herby has a love and passion for fishing, a fisherman who knows about fish, what our local waters have to offer, and what the words "fresh seafood" really mean. That’s us… so join us and let’s catch some fish!

M eet our crew
Herbert Merryweather Jr.

Herbert Merryweather Jr. is the co-owner of the Driftwood.

Since a young kid he has been sea fishing with his dad Herby Sr. One of his career highlights was winning the 43rd International LUHR Marina Group Tournament in 2009.








Captain Marcelo

Captain Marcelo is a much respected captain and angler on the pier as he started fishing with his father on charter boats since the early age of 9. At the age of 12 he caught his first Blue Marlin and it was all over from there. During a billfish tournament in 2007 Marcelo has fought what was estimated to be a 1000lb plus blue marlin for more than nine hours, but sadly lost it and received consolation recognition for it. He is always happy to have guests on board to tell them some of his fish tales.


First mate Doddy

First mate Doddy is a very competitive mate, he wants to beat all other boats on the dock every day. He enjoys throwing more fish on the dock than other mates do. Whether it is taking out an experienced angler or it’s a first timer out deep sea fishing, Doddy is happy to teach and assist in catching what the local waters have to offer. One of his career highlights was catching and releasing 19 sailfish in less than eight hours.


Since 1986 Driftwood is specialized in fresh seafood from the Caribbean Sea and has become the favorite spot for Aruban-style seafood dishes.